Tuftex® Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels

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Whatever your project, Tuftex Building Panels make it easy.

Tuftex® Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels are versatile enough for a whole range of applications – home improvement projects, rugged commercial jobs, or farm and agricultural projects. Tuftex has you covered. With panels to fit any project and budget, Tuftex® is the smart choice for DIY home projects, such as patio covers, carports, or greenhouses. It also upgrades and improves agricultural and commercial structures. And Tuftex® DeckDrain is great for creating dry usable space under your deck.

Homeowners will find installing Tuftex® Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels relatively easy. The panels are lightweight and durable. You will not have to worry about the panels breaking as they have been specially designed to be virtually unbreakable. They can sustain impacts without shattering or cracking.

Highly versatile, Tuftex® Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels, can be used on the sides and roofs of buildings. Homeowners can choose clear or opaque panels to allow light to shine into a building. They also make an excellent “sky light” or sides and roof of a greenhouse.  And, you will never have to worry about the panels fading or showing discoloration.

Tuftex® has the widest variety of building panels for all of your needs. Nothing beats Tuftex® Polycarbonate and Vinyl Building Panels for beauty and versatility. Better than fiberglass, Tuftex offers all-weather protection for carports, patios, sun porches, deck covers, and many other home projects, as well as commercial and agricultural applications.

Tuftex® is very easy to install, and it’s many uses are only limited by your imagination!

Tuftex Building Panel


Our toughest most versatile building panel yet!
Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate is the strongest building panel on the market today. Super strong (20 times stronger than 5-oz. fiberglass) yet flexible and easy to work with to fit your project needs.

All panels are translucent and perfect for extreme temperatures (270° F to -40° Tuftex PolyCarb is 100% UV-protected, is hail resistant and has our best snow load capacity. Great for patios and greenhouses.

Available in:

  • Clear
  • Translucent White
  • Smoke
Tuftex Building Panel Carport


Heavy-duty ribbed building panels

Resist weather, and are 15 times stronger than 5-oz. fiberglass. UV-protected surface resists extreme temperatures.

Select opaque style to block out the sun’s rays and provide shade or translucent to allow soft, filtered light. Strong, durable, and attractive when used as a deck or patio covering.

Available in:

  • Translucent White
  • Vinyl Grow Clear
  • Opaque White
  • Opaque Tan
Tuftex Building Panel Roof


Heavy-duty ribbed building panels

Resist weather, and are 15 times stronger than 5-oz. fiberglass. UV-protected surface resists extreme temperatures.

Select opaque style to block out the sun’s rays and provide shade or translucent to allow soft, filtered light. Strong, durable, and attractive when used as a deck or patio covering.

Available in:

  • Translucent White
  • Vinyl Grow Clear
  • Opaque White
  • Opaque Tan
Tuftex Chicken Coop


Deck Ceiling and Drainage System

Turn unused space under your deck into added living space that you will appreciate for years to come.

Turn this
DeckDrain Deck Drainage System
Into this
DeckDrain Deck Drainage System

Ask your contractor about a deck drain system for your new deck.  Tell him you want the DeckDrain system by Tuftex as it is one of the lowest cost, easiest to install systems available.

If you already have a deck you can easily turn the unused under-deck space into an enhanced living area with Tuftex DeckDrain panels. The corrugated design carries rainwater away, and creates sheltered, usable space that will look great and add value to your home for years to come.

DeckDrain Deck Drainage System DeckDrain Deck Drainage System

DeckDrain can be used in many applications.

  • Create a dry, cool, protected area for kids, pets and entertaining
  • Build a ceiling under your deck and put wasted space to use for storage
  • Allows you to utilize your under-deck space year round, even in the rain, heat or snow
  • Generates a bright, cool, and dry space that can be used as a patio, screen porch, hot tub enclosure and/or entertainment area
  • Can be used as a play area for children or pets
  • Creates additional storage for lawn and garden tools, lawn furniture, grills, and firewood
  • Inhibits standing water and moisture, which helps deter mold, erosion, and insect breeding
  • Can also be used under lower decks to create more storage

26-inch wide panels are available in tan or white in 10-foot lengths

DeckDrain panels are easy to install with our structure brackets and fasteners make installing the panels an easy two step project.

Installation Guide

Download PDF (Download Now)

Technical Specifications

Width26 in U.S. Standard
Corrugation Height9/16″
Panel Length8’, 10’, 12’ Standard and 14’, 16’ available in some colors/profiles by special order
Aluminum Nails1 3/4″ width washers, 100 per box, 24 boxes per case
Nails per panel8′ = 25 nails 10′ = 30 nails 12′ = 35 nails
ClosuresFoam Closures = 3’ length (pack of 5) Wood Closures = 6′ length (minimum order of 24) Round Profile for SeaCoaster Square profile for UltraVinyl & PolyCarb
Light TransmissionSeaCoaster Translucent Clear–75% SeaCoaster Translucent White–70% UltraVinyl Grow Clear–93% PolyCarb Clear–93% PolyCarb Translucent White–78% PolyCarb Smoke–84%
Load Bearing Capacity on 24″ CentersSeaCoaster = 90 lbs./sq.ft. UltraVinyl = 90 lbs./sq.ft. PolyCarb = 115 lbs./sq.ft.

Installation Tips

StorageDo not stack Tuftex® in direct sunlight or in an enclosure subject to very high temperatures. Vertical storage indoors is preferred.
CuttingCut single panels with a pair of snips or heavy duty scissors. Multiple panels can be cut with a circular saw (plywood blade reversed) or a fine tooth hand saw.
Side and End LapsSeal all side and end laps with a silicone sealer. Overlap sides of panel one corrugation and overlap ends a maximum of 4″
PitchPlan a minimum of 1″ pitch per foot of run. In heavy snow areas, plan up to 3″ pitch per foot. Greater pitch = less likelihood of leaks.
Crossbrace Support StructureInstall Tuftex® Vinyl panels on a maximum of 24″ on center. Tuftex® PolyCarb can span 36″ on center.
Heat and Temperature IssuesChoose the right product for your project. For projects in high heat or cold areas where the surface temperature ranges from +270°F to -40°F select Tuftex® PolyCarb. Vinyl Opaque panels are suitable for all weather conditions and surface temperatures up to 150°F. Vinyl Translucent and Clear panels are to be installed for use in milder weather conditions only, and are not recommended for locations with high UV or surface temperatures that can exceed 125°F. Never install Tuftex® panels directly over dark colored rafters or closure strips. For best results, paint (white) the top edge of the rafter or closure strip that is exposed to sunlight. Do not overlap or apply over existing roofing or lattice.
VentilationAll Tuftex® covered structures need adequate ventilation to control condensation and ensure coolness. If high heat may develop choose Tuftex® PolyCarb panels for your project.
NailingImportant – Pre-drill all fastening holes. Always pre-drill holes prior to fastening panels. The diameter of the hole must be 2/16 to 3/16 larger than the diameter of the shaft of the fastener. Do not over-tighten fasteners.


polycarbTuftex® PolyCarbultravinylTuftex® UltraVinylseacoasterTuftex® SeaCoasterdeckdrainTuftex® DeckDrain
I finished installing your Tuftex® Panels on a 12′ x 40′ patio I built one week before Hurricane Katrina. We are in the New Orleans area and I thought for sure that the panels would be ripped off by Hurricane Katrina. I am in the Air National Guard and after we were able to get back to our homes I was amazed to see that not one panel was off. I installed it following your instruction guide and it was great. My wife and I love the way it looks and now I am amazed to find out that you make this Ondura® material also.
Frank Tunstall of Marrero, LA
I have a Tuftex® roof over my deck. I love it. I’ve got the smoke color and it’s beautiful. I also live in snow country and I can verify that it works great under snow conditions.
Joanne T. Bennett of Saratoga, NY
Our Tuftex® DeckDrain™ System has added entertainment space to our home, as it covers the patio outside our basement recreation room. Now people who are inside can move to the outside to enjoy our backyard gardens–even in wet weather. The DeckDrain™panels’ opaque tan color does not show debris that sifts through the cracks in the deck above. All in all, there is a clean, spacious and comfortable feel to the whole patio area that just wasn’t there before Tuftex® DeckDrain™!

Thank you so much for figuring out an easy, practical, and economical way to beautify and protect our under-deck patio and furnishings! We are the envy of all our neighbors!
Joanna and Thomas Horigan of Stafford, VA
The Ondura® and the clear Tuftex® PolyCarb worked great for [the solar barn my brother, Ricky and I designed and constructed] and the building is as solid as a rock.
Larry Palmer of Norman, OK
We built a sunroom and used Tuftex® PolyCarb for the clear roof. We really like this product.
Tim Blake of Warsaw, MO

Can Tuftex® be ordered in custom widths or lengths?

Tuftex® panels can be easily cut to fit a desired length. PolyCarb, UltraVinyl, SeaCoaster & DeckDrain™ residential panels are 26” wide, available in 8’ and 12’ lengths. Selected styles and colors are also available in 10’, 14’ and 16’. Poly-Lite commercial panels are 38” wide, available in either 9″ or 12″ profiles. They come in 8′, 10’, 12’ and 16’ lengths. Tuftex® Ag Panels are available in 26” or 38” wide, and 8’2”, 10’2”, 12’2”, 16’4” and 20’4” lengths.


What is the proper crossbrace support for Tuftex®?

Install Tuftex® Vinyl panels (SeaCoaster, UltraVinyl, Ag Panels) on a maximum of 24” on center. Tuftex® PolyCarb can span 36” on center.


Is Tuftex® covered by a warranty?

Tuftex® PolyCarb is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tuftex® Ag Panels are covered by a 10-Year Limited Warranty.


Can I use Tuftex® under my deck?

Tuftex DeckDrain™ (insert link to DeckDrain™) is an excellent option for under-deck applications.


How many nails do I use per panel?

8’ panel = 30 nails 10’ panel = 35 nails 12’ panel = 40 nails 14’ panel = 45 nails 16’ panel = 50 nails NOTE: Pre-drill all fastening holes 2/16” to 3/16” larger than the diameter of the fastener to address expansion and contraction of the panel.


Which product is best for withstanding extreme elements?

Tuftex® PolyCarb, Poly-Lite & Ridge-Lite panels are made of tough polycarbonate. They can withstand temperatures of 270º F to –40º F.


Will Tuftex® work in high-wind areas?

For added resistance to wind, Tuftex® can be fastened at every crown.


The label says “This Side Up.” Does it matter which side of the panel faces up?

The material is no different on either side. When a panel is installed with the labeled side “up”, the corrugation at the edge of the panel will end in a peak.