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Affordable Roofing Tiles & Building Panels

Ondura corrugated asphalt roofing tiles and building panels offers an attractive, affordable, easy to install alternative to traditional roofing products and materials. They can also be used in place of ordinary plastic building panels to upgrade the appearance and durability of your project. Used around the world for over 40 years, they’re perfect for residential, commercial, agricultural and DIY projects of all types.  Ondura’s design and construction makes it a different and superior product. Its distinctive, arched corrugated design enables it to be both lightweight and strong. This also makes it a great re-roofing option over one layer of old shingles or metal.  There are many advantages to not having to remove the existing roof: it makes re-roofing easier, faster and cheaper, and because the corrugated panels are rigid they cover up any old imperfections on the roof’s surface … resulting in a smooth and beautiful presentation.

Attractive and affordable, Ondura Corrugated Asphalt Roofing Systems are ideal for your upcoming roofing project.  In addition to being a lightweight, easy to cut and install, low maintenance product, it has also been recognized by the EPA as an Environmentally Preferred Product – making it the ‘greenest’ roofing material in today’s market. Save yourself time, money, and work – all while saving the environment at the same time with Ondura.

  • High-wind resistance— Over 130 MPH
  • Does not rust or corrode like metal and is much quieter than metal
  • Eco-friendly—manufactured with 50% post-consumer recycled material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cut, handle and install
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Ondura Colors

Ondura is available in eight colors to enhance any home, building or project.

Ondura Red Roof

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Length79 in
Width48 in
Depth1 3/8 in
Surface Covered per Sheet26.33 sq. ft.
Shingles per Square4 1/2 pieces
Weight per Sheet18 lbs
Weight per Square81 lbs

SlopeRecommended – 3:12
Purlin SpacingStandard – 24″ on center, Heavy snow areas – 18″ or 12″ on center
CuttingAcross corrugation – circular saw with carbide bit blade; Parallel to corrugation – utility knife
Overlap (Shingle)1 corrugation on sides
ValleysInstall minimum 24″ wide metal flashing, Cut sheet/title to fit the angle of the valley

SheetsTilesSheets and Tiles
4.5 Sheets = 100 sq. ft.24 tile (6 sheets) = 100 sq. ft.Closure Strips: Length of eaves plus
26 nails per sheetShingle nails per tile = 122x the length of ridges, plus 4x the
38 nails per ridge capOndura nails per tile = 3length of hips and valleys, divided
1 box nails per 4 sheetsAlong ridge and eave = 12by 44”, equals number of closure
Ridge Caps = 6’ coverage eachRidge Tile = Approx. 1 linear foot of coverage eachstrips needed
First, I want to thank you for providing such an excellent product. Its durability, ease of installation, and cost can’t be beat. I have multiple roofs to deal with and I’m working at re-roofing them all one by one. My first Ondura® roof is now ten years old and looks like the day I installed it. The operative word here is day, since with every Ondura® roof I’ve installed, I’ve been able to do it in one day. The problem is, once someone uses your product, it becomes impossible to deal with regular asphalt shingles again!
Doug MacIntyre of York, PA
We put Ondura® on our roof in March, 2001. We were hit head on with Hurricane Isabel. We were one of the very few (if not the only) house that had absolutely no roof or ceiling damage in our town of 900. You have a great product and I believe that anyone that chooses to live in a potential hurricane zone should have Ondura® on their home or business.
Barbara T. Benton of Columbia, NC
I installed Ondura® roofing panels on my cottage in the woods of Missouri. The installation went perfectly and the finished product has received frequent compliments. I would like to comment on the impressive durability of this roofing material. Living in the woods, wind driven branches were a concern. I am elated to report the roofing has an incredible ability to bounce falling objects without any harm to the roof! I have cleared off branches up to three inches in diameter that blew onto the roof with no damage. I will be building a barn and adding on to the house within the next year and I will be using Ondura® for both products.
Bradley Pride of Warrenton, MO
I installed your tile product on my house in May 2004, before the three hurricanes hit the state. I can honestly say my house suffered NO DAMAGE from the three storms or from the 2005 storms. I love your product, it is storm proof, aids in keeping the house cool, and looks like a tile roof, it’s great!
Norman E. Urban of Rockledge, FL
I used this material on a barn roof 15 years ago and its durability is as good as when I first installed it. Metal roofing has a problem here in New England, with the freeze/thaw cycles and the loosening of screws in a wood frame structure, but Ondura® with its washered nails doesn’t have that problem. Note: I am a retired construction materials lab tech. No cracking from expansion, no loosening of fasteners, no breakdown of mix design.
Stephen P. Fenstermaker, email to Ondura® Customer Service
We put Ondura® on our gazebo about two weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit our area. The tiles on our house didn’t make it, but your product didn’t move an inch! Thanks for such a great product.
Galen Alford of Pearl River, LA
Ondura® is much easier to work with than tin and doesn’t need the paint that a tin roof needs. Thought you might like to know that I installed it by myself. I’ve worked on roofs for years. I’m 5’1″, 110 lbs., 76 years old and female.
Ann Fant Davis of Lexington, MS
I needed a roof that would give the impression of a tile roof. That’s where your product fit the bill. It gave me the look without the weight on the rafters (and on my pocketbook!). Thanks for the great product.
Lou Conti of Kalamazoo, MI
I must thank you for an excellent product that saved our home. I recently installed your roofing on our home and it stood up to the fury of Hurricane Charley while most others did not. Now our roof is the only red roof in a sea of blue tarps.
Ted Prince-Cox of Punta Gorda, FL
I am very pleased with Ondura® and would recommend it, (and have), to anyone. You have an excellent product and I look forward to many years of service from the roof.
Kevin Kleinschmidt of Arenzville, IL
I installed Ondura® roofing on my residence about 10 years ago. The roof looks as good today as it did when we installed it. This was the best investment I have ever made on this house. I have lived here for 35 years. Thanks for a good product. It’s living up to its name.
Geoff Barrett of Burgin, KY

Where can I obtain an Ondura® Installation Guide?

If you don’t have an Installation Guide, you can download a Printable PDF Version , request one via email, or call 804.333.2345 to have one mailed to you. We also have a Spanish Version Available.


What is the minimum slope needed for installing Ondura®?

We do not recommend installation on any roof with less than a 2” in 12” slope. We recommend a 3” in 12” slope or steeper for satisfactory installation of both Ondura® sheets and tiles.


What is the recommended purlin (support) spacing for installing Ondura®?

24” on center (o.c.) is recommended. In areas of heavy snow loads or when slope is less than 3” in 12”, spacing should be reduced to 18” or 12”. Do not use 16” on center spacing.


Can Ondura® be ordered in any special lengths?

Ondura® is available in sheets that are 48” x 79” and tiles that are 48” x 19-¾”. Ondura® can be easily cut to size.


What should be used to cut Ondura® sheets and tiles?

Use a utility knife with a sharp blade for cutting parallel with corrugations, or an electric circular saw with a carbide-tipped blade for cutting across corrugations. Wear eye protection when cutting.


Is Ondura® covered by a warranty?

Ondura® is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This means that the material is warranted to be free from material defect for the lifetime of the building to which it is attached. Commercial applications are warranted for 25 years from the date of installation. You can obtain a PDF copy of the warranty here.


Can I buy Ondura® directly from your plant?

No. As manufacturers, we do not sell to consumers; we wholesale to our authorized dealers.


How do I find out where a dealer that stocks Ondura® is located?

You can submit an inquiry via email, asking us to locate a dealer or dealers near your ZIP code, or call 804.333.2345 for Technical Support. You must provide us with a postal ZIP code to help us narrow our search.


How much does a panel of Ondura® cost?

As manufacturers, we do not set retail prices, our authorized dealers do. If you do not know where your nearest dealer is, you can request information about dealers that are in or near your postal ZIP code here.


How can I find a contractor to install Ondura® for me?

You can request a contractor referral by clicking here, or by calling Technical Support at 804.333.2345. We will check our database to see if there is a contractor with Ondura®experience near you. Please note: Because we do not have a certification program for contractors, these are referrals only, not recommendations.


What can I do if you cannot locate a contractor for me?

We don’t have a certification program for roofers, but any competent roofer should be able to install Ondura®. Prospective roofers should thoroughly review the Ondura® Installation Guide. (If you don’t have an Installation Guide, you can download a printable PDF version, request one via email, or call 804.333.2345 to have one mailed to you.)


Be sure to ask for references, and check them thoroughly.


Is Ondura® available in custom colors?

Ondura® is manufactured in eight colors. Custom colors are available in quantities of 2,250 sheets or more. Another option is to paint the material to achieve a custom color. Ondura® can be painted with a quality exterior acrylic latex paint.


I want to buy Ondura® in a color my dealer doesn’t stock, but the minimum on a special order is 10 sheets. I only need six. What can I do?

You can ask your dealer to order the sheets and ask that they be top-loaded on the next regularly scheduled stocking shipment for that store. The store should be able to tell you approximately when they will be ordering stock again. If you are just working on a small project, you can purchase the stock material and paint it any color you would like with a good quality exterior acrylic latex paint.


I live within driving distance of your plant. Can I come to your plant and purchase Ondura®?

No, but you can go to your nearest Ondura® dealer, order and pay for the materials and accessories you need, and ask them to call in the purchase order to our sales department. We can then arrange a pickup time (generally the pickup time is at least 24 hours later). Be sure to have your sales receipt with you at the time of pickup.


Why do Ondura® tiles require special ordering at my retailer?

Traditionally, Ondura® tiles have been a special-order item because we cut every tile from the same manufacturing run. This ensures that every tile has gone through the same paint lot, which produces a uniform color. If a store requires a special order for tiles, and should they appear to be unfamiliar with the product or the special ordering process, have their associate call Technical Support at 804.333.2345, Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST to ask for assistance with the order and get a shipping time and cost estimate.


What is the cost comparison between Ondura® and other types of roofing?

For initial material cost comparison, use the estimate of 4.5 sheets = a covered square. You should also consider that Ondura® can be installed over existing roofing (no tear-off costs) and is extremely easy to install (reduced labor costs).


I need help figuring out how much material and what accessories I will need, and how much it will cost to use Ondura® on my home. Can I get estimating help from you?

There is a quick estimating guide for both sheets and tiles at the beginning of the Ondura® Installation Guide. This will help you figure out how much material and which accessories you might need. However, should you still need assistance you can call our Technical Support department. We will do our best to help, though you will be solely responsible for ordering the correct amount of material. Since we do not set prices, it is difficult for us to do pricing estimates for consumers. Your store’s associate should be able to help you figure out cost. If you still need more help, ask the associate to call us at 804.333.2345, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET.


How do I handle flashing around chimneys and in roof valleys? How about my vent pipes?

We recommend using regular metal flashing around chimneys and in valleys. For hot or cold pipes, we manufacture two sizes of pipe flashings, a small (12” x 12”) and large (20” x 20”). Both have flat centers. For more information on flashing, the following PDF documents are available for download: Photos and Installation for Chimney Flashing and Photos and Installation for Pipeflashing.


When do I use solid or vented closure strips?

Solid closures are used whenever a weather-tight seal is required. Vented closures are used with Ridgeline® Ridge Vents or in areas where additional ventilation is required.


Can I use screws instead of your nails?

We recommend using the custom-designed, color-matched Ondura® nails for all applications.


It’s time to paint my roof. What kind of paint should I use?

You can use any high-grade, outdoor acrylic latex paint on your Ondura®roof, or you can order Ondura® paint from your nearest dealer.


Can I use Ondura® to make a roof under my deck to make a weather-proof storage area?

We recommend our Tuftex DeckDrain system for this style of application. The DeckDrain System is specifically designed to divert water away from your under-deck area, while creating a bright, usable space. The system includes two colors of our UltraVinyl panels–tan or white—plus slope brackets and color-matched fasteners.


My current roof gets mold or mildew on it. If I use Ondura®, will I still have mold and/or mildew?

If your roof is in an area where mold and mildew are a common problem, your Ondura® roof could also be susceptible to these. Periodic cleaning with one part chlorine bleach to ten parts water will get rid of most mildew or mold.